this is what's keeping me busy these past few days.. been reading the posts.. strips.. blogs.. and comments on this webcomic.. haha!! i feel sad that i just discovered it lately. i was able to read the from the Nov issue until the latest though.. and i was so ROFWLOL while doing so..
(nosebleed.. yoko mag-English..)
this webcomic is so hilarious.. it kind'a reminds me of my high school friends.. only we were not called Assorted Nuts.. but we were called HYPERCADAH.. corny.. i was the one who named our group like that.. we were always hyper.. always energized.. like Energizer Batteries.. now Energizer should pay me for this..
(blood loss.. sabi nang ayokong mag-English eh..)
anyway, i was browsing in http://www.topblogs.com.ph/humor/ and this number 26 blog kind'a caugth my attention.. what's in the name? is this another joke blog...? featuring old corny jokes that the writers recieved on their phones? i was wondering how those kinds of blogs make it to the top.. anyway.. "ASSORTED NUTS"  i clicked on the title and voila! it showed a banner with cute characters. it's so fun.. i felt like ignorante clicking on each of the characters over and over again.. ahh.. the things technology can make.. it's magic..

ehermmnn.. enough with my ignorance.. going back to the topic.. Assorted Nuts is a story of seven friends living under one roof they inherited from one of the character's granny. they all have different attitudes and views in life.. now my posts here is not something i copied from what's written on their banner but this is the way i'd like to describe them based on my reading the webcomics.. (now Nick, hopefully, if you ever get to read this.. don't sue me pls..)
oh by the way, Nick Barrameda is the talented artist who makes this wonderful comic strips.. i think he lives somewhere abroad.. i am not so sure though.. his accent is so thickly Western.. hah! as if i've heard it.. nah! just my observation. his strips seem to take place somewhere out of the country because in his Christmas issue, the storyline is like this, the Nick character (which i think is the cartoonified version of Nick B. the artist behind the comic) flew to the Philippines for the Christmas break and he brought the Ailyn and Hadrian characters along with him.. (haha!! introducing them as his wife and son while the two other characters, both not knowing how to speak Tagalog were wondering what the heck he meant when he said that to his mum.) the comic strip is obviously starred by people from different country, although i only know that Meagan is a Russian while Nick is a Filipino. i don't know with the others yet. but i'd know soon.. HAH!
here are some of my own description of the characters:

NICK- the one with blue hair. i think he is the cartoon representation of Nick Barrameda. he is the artist in the group. personally, i don't think he is a frustrated artist at all. one strip showed him painting something on a canvass and i think that was a nice painting. i'm just not sure if he was painting the outer space or the aliens or if it was purely abstract :). i also think he likes Dianne too but he wouldnt admit it. he is like "torpe". (sabi na nga kasing ayoko mag-English eh.. di ko alam kung anong English nyan..) FAVORITE STRIP SHOWING NICK: Karaoke Nights and Strawberry Blonde Blues.

AILYN- the team member with a very alarming high intelligence quotient. you would'nt want to mess with her as she has the capacity to put you under torture that will surely disable you for the rest of your life. FAVORITE STRIP: Ailyn's Graduation

ROSE MAYFLOWER- the super duper rich bonggacious member of the group. her family is tabooed because they supposedly changed the family motto from "Heirarchy, Domination and Supremacy" to "Elegance, Hardwork, Gorgeousness and Justice." she is as much vain as her mother. FAVORITE STRIP: whenever Georgia is in the picture.

JON- the guy with a very amazing hair (so amazing you could get lost inside.) he always suprises the team with his innocent stupidity or maybe it's just plain innocence. he is Nick's best buddy. FAVORITE STRIP: Karaoke Nights and Strawberry Blonde Blues

HEIDRIAN- he is the guy with the Naruto hair. he tends to be childish sometimes. Di is inlove with her and he si always on the run because of her. streetsmart and fun-loving, i can sometimes see myself in him.. (HAH! and when I took the quiz: Which Assorted Nuts Character are you most likely to get along with, he turned out to be the result!) FAVORITE STRIP: HEIDRIAN vs. ARVIN

MAEGAN- the lesbian joker. she is my favorite. maybe because i'm a bit tomboyish too and we have the same hobby of picking on others and laughing at their own expense, (evil grin) harhar! while she loves making fun of others, she also shows her "pikon" side sometimes. FAVORITE STRIP: all, haha!

DIANNE- a total hopeless romantic i say. she is always the one to stay calm. shows love and concern to her friends all the time. also likes Heidrian and a total Twilight fanatic. FAVORITE STRIP: Christmas Special: Dianne's Melancholy

now, those are the major characters. there are new characters being introduced every week. they add to the excitement. the plot already thickens and i am looking forward to read Meagan's life story too. i love the house and i've read Nick's answers to the comments one time that he is going to make a strip touring the readers around the team's house. it is very hi-tech.. as in hay-tetch talaga.. haha! mag-Tagalog nalang kaya ako..? dugong-dugo na ko eh.. hehe.. anyway, nakakalunggkot.. kasi nung una kong nabasa yung comic strips ng Assorted Nuts, nedyo marami nang naunang issues.. so next page nalang ako ng next page.. eh kaso mo, ngayon.. i have to wait na for about a few days bago ko mabasa yung susunod na strips.. OMG.. nakaka-excite.. at nakakabagot maghintay.. haha!! i'll have my friends read this webcomic. nakakatuwa kasi.. nakakatawa talaga.. yung mga gag at punchline, pinoy na pinoy pero may class. iba talaga ang angking galing ng mga noypi.. ewan ko ba kung bakit kasi mas marami ang mang-gagancho at manloloko, mga tiwali at pusakal kesa dun sa mga taong talagang ginagamit sa mabuti at kapaki-pakinabang na bagay yung mga telent nila. matalino naman ang mga pinoy eh. sa maling bagay nga lang nila naiisip gamitin. hay naku.. i love Philippines. I'm proud to be here. somtimes though, there are a few things that make me hide my face and just keep my mouth shut kapag kalokohan na nga mga pinoy ang usapan.. tsk! tsk! tsk! napansin ko lang ha.. mas mabilis ako mag-type pag Tagalog yung sinusulat ko.. kasi hindi na ko pahinto-hinto para magpunas ng ilong.. haha!! nosebleed?!?

HERE ARE THEIR AVATARS: left to right:


well.. atleast, she sang it with conviction.. for more videos.. view my other blog..