What is Starbucks?

It's a restaurant for coffee lovers. The comfort brought along by the restaurant's very cozy ambiance gives us a feeling that we are in United States sipping one of the world's most famous coffee. The service offered by the waiters and waitresses are fantastic.

This is what Starbucks means to most of us. But what does this mean to SOCIAL CLIMBERS?

A woman in her teens wearing a neon green walking shorts, orange tee-shirt and a fake havaianas entered the Starbucks coffee shop. She walked like a model in the center aisle of the coffee shop. She approached the counter and a waitress behind it plastered a fake smile on her face and asked "Yes Ma'am? What is your order?"

"Gib mi yor paynest pleybord kopi."
"That would cost you a lot ma'am," answered the waitress.
"Sow? Wat du yu tingk op mi? Pur? Ay hab mani hir."
"Okay ma'am, I will serve you a large Java Chip."
"Tengk yu," said the woman with her chin up.
"What name should we call out ma'am?"
The woman whispered her name to the girl behind the counter and then walked towards the table nearest to the see-thru glass wall of the restaurant. The waitress meanwhile wrote the name of the woman on the Starbucks cup in big bold letters.

While waiting for her coffee to be served, a cute guy entered the shop alone. The woman who's wearing clothes with the most hideous colors stared at him with tantalizing eyes. The man did not as much dare look at her after noticing her fake havaianas. After a few minutes of waiting, the girl at the counter called out, "Java Chip for Ms Inday!!" The woman hesitated to stand up, staring again at the man in a distant table but after a few more calls from the waitress, she decided she should stand up to get her coffee from the counter as she spent her full month's salary from being a yaya to that damn large cup of Java Chip Coffee. She then hurried to get back to her table when she took the cup of coffee from the waitress (who had a very obvious smirk on her face) fearing that someone else might take her table (this is the best table she can get for the later showoff.) She then started to sip the coffee.. Very slowly, very slowly.. So slow that she couldn't even taste the coffee touching her mouth. It took her a good two hours just to finish the first half cup of coffee. What's left, she reserved for later showmance. She pulled out a English Pocketbook inside her back pocket and started reading the short novel. Later, she got tired of reading what she couldn't understand and thought, "ang tagal naman ng mga yun." Just a few seconds after the thought came to her mind, she glimpsed a couple of students walking by and started sipping her other half of Java Chip Coffee again. The students, after a few minutes of hesitation and denial, eventually and apparently recognized her and blurted out, "Uy! Si Inday yun diba? Ay, totoo nga yung sinabi niyang magi-istarbaks siya o!" This raised different comments from the other students, "Ay, oo nga no?" "Kaya pala absent siya." "Diba part-time yaya lang yan?" "Inubos niya yung sahod niya para lang jan?"

Inday in return, flaunted her cup of Java Chip even more. "Hmmp! In yur fes!" she said, while sipping her now dead cold cup of JAVA CHIP COFFEE from pa-STARBUCKS.

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